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Hi, my name is Joseph T. Ladanyi and I'm a professional software developer. Plenty of my free time goes to develop quality shareware and freeware applications: I created image editor Ultimate Paint in 1998, while published card game Solitaire Maniac in 2001.

If I'm not sitting in front of my computer I check the latest movies, read, go for a hike or play squash. Lately most of my energies go for educating myself to be a good father (I plan to publish a blog on this topic, sometime).

Software Releases

Ultimate Paint screenshot

My most popular program is Ultimate Paint, an image editor which I created together with my friend, Daniel Szabo. The program incorporates the best functionality of the original Deluxe Paint and adds features that are essential for modern image editors.

It was primarily created for artists who like to have total control over their work, yet want professional results quickly. In order to achieve this flexibility, we have added precise, advanced level, easy-to-use drawing tools. E.g. not only you can flood fill with patterns, but can also set the position of the pattern you want to use. Not only you can draw lines, but you can also set the pattern and the shape of the arrow head at the end of the line. Not only you can grab screenshots, but you're able to set a timer or hot key to trigger the capturing.

In addition to all these UP has an extensive collection of built-in filters (which is browseable!), the program is compatible with Adobe plug-ins and Filter Factory - so you can even create your own effects without programming after reading the help. Ultimate Paint has a trial (shareware) and a freeware release.

Minimum requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP, 10 MB Hard Disk Space, 16 MB RAM.

Read more about Ultimate Paint here

Solitaire Maniac screenshot

By creating Solitaire Maniac I have collected the most beautiful solitaire card games in one spectacular program. You will not only get 450 games (21 of them are totally free, without any registration), but with its imaginative tableau images, melodic music and nice graphics Solitaire Maniac creates an atmosphere which is close to the unique experience of playing solitaire with a real deck. If you haven't tried any computer based solitaire game this game is for you. If you have tried some and found them boring this game is for you, too.

The program has more than 500 game variations altogether which other collections consider standalone games.

Minimum requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP, 6 MB Hard Disk Space, 16 MB RAM.

Read more about Solitaire Maniac here

Royalty-free Photo Collection

I'm a photo fan taking pictures wherever I can. I decided to share some of my better nature and landscape photographs with you. The collection is far from complete, I plan to browse through my image archives and add new photos regularly. Take a look at the first bunch of photos and download them for free!

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